Commercial Production

For almost 30 years Video Tech Productions has been producing more than just special event videos.  As a full-service video production company, we can utilize an SD or HD workflow to deliver a final product suitable for the Internet or broadcast TV.  From corporate/commercial production to full length documentary videos, Video Tech Productions offers you a true 'One Stop Shop' solution when your only requirement is that it must be the best! From concept to completion, Video Tech Productions will handle your project with the skill and dedication it deserves.

As online video and social media continue to grow rapidly in popularity, every business or organization is now essentially a media company — across sectors like finance, real estate, education, fashion, medicine, technology, religion, and virtually every other industry you can think of. Creating your own video enables you to stay ahead of the pack by controlling its presentation and distribution.

In every step of video production, whether script development, storyboarding, on location shoots, graphic design, and post-production, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our demo reel showcases some of the many productions we have
created for clients across a broad spectrum of industries: Industrial, Medical, Entertainment, and Educational, to name a few.  

We work with companies of all sizes and can handle jobs big and small, bringing Internet pricing and sensibility to traditional production services and scaling project pricing to your needs. Learn more about our cost-effective solutions, or contact us now for more information. 

  • Script development
  • Single- or multiple-camera shoots
  • On-location or in-studio production
  • Professional Lighting
  • Motion Graphics
  • Titles and Effects
  • DVD authoring and duplication
  • Film and video transferring
  • Large screen projection and presentation